Artist's Statement

Working with clay has been the central force in my creative life over the past 35 years.

Aerodynamic shapes, plants and architecture are all sources of inspiration. I am attracted to the sharpness of straight lines with the tautness of curves springing from them. I like to develop ideas by making subtle changes to what has come before and by so doing, I am led in a new direction. I enjoy this organic way of working and it is the reason that I go out to my workshop each day.

I use coils and slabs to hand build the form, then, gradually scrape back the surface until I have achieved symmetry and a resolution. A layer of fine clay -Terra Sigillata - is applied and then the surface is polished to a fine sheen.

I feel that the amount of time involved in the coiling process and the attentive handling of the clay, imparts a transferred intensity and presence into the finished piece.

A resist pattern  is applied and then the work is smoke fired. After this, the surface is cleaned to reveal the coloured surface underneath and then a wax polish is applied. The smoking creates an aged and metallic effect. Through this process, my aim is to get a finish that has a depth to it and to achieve an integration of surface and form.